Research Interests

Here’s what I do ...

Scene Understanding

My current research focus is on generic object recognition methods and models for LiDAR- and camera-based 3D scene understanding in complex urban environments.


Stixel-based object recognition


Pedestrian Recognition

The main research during my PhD involved statistical models of pedestrian shape and appearance with an application to on-board pedestrian detection for intelligent vehicles. Rather than deriving an explicit model of human appearance, we follow a pattern classification approach, where appropriate models are implicitly learned from a large number of training examples.

This research and corresponding implementation is the main foundation of the
Daimler vision-based pedestrian detection system which is available in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and S-Class models in the context of Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive.

Pedestrian Recognition 2D

Pedestrian Recognition 3D

Keywords: Pedestrian recognition, scene understanding, image processing, machine learning, intelligent vehicles